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On sunday 20th November in the evening at 19:19 hours, my voice echoed first time through the walls. With my 3460 g and 50 cm, nobody expected then, that I would almost quadruplicate my length over time. 1960.jpg (24 KB)
1961 Already I had my first car. Of course with driver, because at that time I neither had an idea of driving licences nor called one my own. 1961.jpg (27 KB)
1963 The frozen lake of Zürich became playground for everybody, also I obviously could not stay away from that. 1963.jpg (24 KB)
1965 Visiting the Verkehrshaus der Schweiz (Switzerland's museum of transport and communications) was always welcome to me, at last I most liked things to screw and take apart. Here I'm standing with my cousine Christa on the 1st class car of the spanish bread train, the first train in Switzerland from the year 1847.

With begin of the school for me in 1966, I also went to the scouts and became a so called wolf (the very young scouts here). My wolf's name was "Knirps" (engl. meaning: manikin, dwarf, pygmy), although I was already kicked out of kindergarden because the chairs had been too small for me.

1965.jpg (41 KB)
1971 When changing from the wolfs to the scouts, I also left the land scouts and went to the "Seepfadi" (engl.: sea scouts). The sea scouts in Zürich were founded in 1958 with such formations of England in mind, the difference is mainly the contents of salt in the water (lakes and rivers vs. sea). Because at that time rarely anybody could escape me by swimming, not even older leaders, I've got as scout the name "Hai" (engl.: shark). 1971.jpg (26 KB)
1974 Fourteen years, now I was allowed to curve around on motorized bicycles. But I still did not have a driving licence, that was introduced years later for this category. The H0-scale model railroad was put away, too big. If I return again to that hobby, then certainly smaller.

Although the school would end for me in April 1976, it was already clear to me, that my professional future would have to do with electronics. - To screw and take things apart, like before.

1974.jpg (22 KB)
1978 After my career as sweet water sea man up to being a coxswain, I handed over the group leadership of "Skylla" (engl.: Scylla) and became an officer in the unit "Proteus" of the sea scouts. That gave me the time needed for education and of course, for learning to drive cars and motorbikes. Otherwise disco, disco, disco...

In 1980 my education was finished and normal work began.

1978.jpg (23 KB)
1982 Fully at work. - Already stepped back in the sea scouts, I jumped into re-activation for the summer camp 1982, since nobody else had a valid "leader 2" licence of "J+S" (note: that's linked with government support of material and money). So, I took care of the camp administration and pleased 80 men over two weeks with my cooking skills, the daily training was left to the active scout leaders this time. 1982.jpg (18 KB)
1984 Enough of the wet cold climate in my homeland. I left Switzerland and the european continent for indefinite time. Arrived in Saudi Arabia, there was no disco anymore, such events would need to be organized privately there. Whatever is not availabe, just make yourself... - There, we also once prepared a bernese soup speciality for about 200 guests. That naturally worked best in a local pan, common and typical in the region. A paddle was ideal for stirring. 1984.jpg (22 KB)
1985 When living at the Red Sea in a country without tourism, it would be a waste to not go diving.

Not everybody liked swimming in so inhabited waters though.

1985-11.jpg (41 KB)
1985.jpg (32 KB)1986-02.jpg (42 KB)1986-06a.jpg (36 KB)1986-06b.jpg (39 KB)
1986 In Albert's typical pose... - or simply not enough drinkable water for me? 1986-10.jpg (18 KB)
1987 A vacation trip may cause a smile. According to the inflight information display we were on an altitude of 67'000 ft. (22'000 m) and sauntered with mach 2.2 through the stratosphere. The outside temperature was -70°C. (-94°F.), but luckily the windows remained intact and closed. 1987-02-25.jpg (29 KB)
1990 Just returned to Switzerland and back in school (technical college), was this now already my 30th birthday. How time passes...


1990-11-20.jpg (23 KB)
1995 By end of 1994 I've got my diploma as engineer BS in electronics/informatics.

1995 I returned to the model railroding hobby, only this time in scale 1:160 or N-scale. It all started with dry air at home and the idea to make a fountain model or even build a miniature world instead of a common decorative plant arrangement with some flowing water. Animations and special effects can be realized with my electronics knowledge, but real water is not unproblematic for the model scenery and small details with mechanics and electronics.

1995-09.jpg (48 KB)
1997 A vacation trip around California and the fusion of the two large railroads Burlington Northern and Santa Fe to the BNSF just then, inspired me to change to this american prototype in N-scale. Particularly the modern intermodal traffic with the long freight trains was interesting to me.
1999 In modelling hobby I developped over kitbashing to scratchbuilding. My love for narrow gauge railroads brought me 1999 to the somewhat exotic Nn3-scale. That is 3 ft. narrow gauge in scale 1:160 (Nn3 = N-scale narrow gauge 3 ft.). Because narrow gauge railroads existed in the USA only as tourism or museum railrods at the end of the 20th century, I needed to change my era for Nn3. My choice were two, Denver & Rio Grande from about 1880, as well as their successor Denver & Rio Grande Western around 1960.

And I still like to screw and take things apart...

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