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My N-scale Models (scale 1:160)

ATSF DC-192   Rail Diesel Car

Several types of the Rail Diesel Car (RDC-1, RDC-2, RDC-3) have been made by Kato as N-scale models, of course in the versions of different railroads. In the famous "Santa Fe" paint scheme only the numbers DC-191 and DC-192. The "Santa Fe" only had these two units and they usually ran together. But unfortunately I could only get the DC-192 model. Maybe I can also find the DC-191 model one day or make it myself from a correct model of another railroad.

While investigating about the prototype of my model, I've found its tragic history at the Los Angeles fire department.

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192-1.jpg (35 KB)
The model has got a Digitrax DN122K DCC-decoder, which only has 2 function outputs for the white headlights and the red tail lights.
192-2.jpg (27 KB)
It's nowhere written, but the Kato N passenger car lighting also fits into the RDC. Of course, here it's also a modified Kato N passenger car lighting with LED. The LED is driven through two diodes from the function outputs F0f (white) and F0r (yellow) over a resistor. The interior light is non-directional this way and switched with the light (F0). The common plus pole (blue) and the function outputs are tapped from a light board of the DCC-decoder.
192-3.jpg (30 KB)
If the interior is lighted, it doesn't look so empty with some passengers inside.

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